• We have 3 bright and cheery catteries -  each with comfortable sleeping arrangements for 8
  • Cats spend their days basking in the sun
  • All catteries have daytime access to large enclosed outdoor patios. 


  • Our feline guests dine on Canadian Naturals Grain Free Turkey and Salmon Dry and Friskies Canned Food.
  • If you choose to bring your own food - we can accommodate. For food safety, please ensure you dry food is housed in a plastic container.

Required Vaccinations

    • Feline Leukemia
    • Distemper/Booster
    • Rabies



  • We have many large play areas for dogs complete with ramps, elevated lookouts, dog houses, swimming pools and large safe plasitc obstacles to play in - and around.
  • Dogs are divided into playgroups with others of similar size, age and temperament. Whether your dog is a Yorkie or a Mastiff we have a playgroup for him that is just right.
  • The dogs are supervised by an experienced team of animal care workers.
  • We have a number of smaller runs that provide quiet time-outs as needed (in addition to providing spaces for non-social boarders.)
  • We have indoor alternatives for small dogs or those with short coats when it's really cold outside.


  • After a full day of physical and mental stimulation outdoors, our guests retire to indivual indoor spaces furnished with raised beds and blankets. We have spaces for Large Dogs, Small Dogs and now a new space for Medium Sized Dogs. 


  • We supply a choice of three quality dry dog foods:
  • First Mate, Chicken with Blueberries
  • First Mate, Australian Lamb
  • First Mate, Pacific Ocean Fish
  • We have great confidence in the food we get from First Mate- locally owned/operated.
  • In our view, the best food on the planet!
  • Your Food? If you wish to supply your own food because of special dietary needs we are happy to go with that. 
  • Important: If you choose to bring in your own food please house dry food in clearly marked plastic containers/bins- and bring a few days extra. Thanks.


  • Yup! We have been administering medications for dogs and cats for 30 years. From pills to insulin shots. There is a small fee for the administration of medications. 
  • Make sure any medication your bring with you to the kennel is clearly marked. Please provide information of how you would like to us administer meds. Please let us know the name of the medication and the condition it is treating.

What to Bring

  • Your Pet(s)!
  • Vaccination records
  • Food or Medication if required
  • No bedding, toys, leashes, bowls - we've got that covered

Required Vaccinations

  • Bordatella
  • Booster (Distemper, Parvo, etc)
  • Rabies


We strongly recommend your dog come to us on a vet approved flea treatment formula eg. Advantage, Revolution etc. Especially during the summer months. Milder winters mean stronger flea populations around the lower mainland. Keep your dog, your home and your dog's second home protrected against fleas. 


We work similarly to a hotel. You pay for each day or portion your pets stays with us; however, if you pick up your pet prior to noon, you will avoid charges for that day. 

New rates for November 1st, 2019


    • 1 cat $25 peak $32
    • 2 cats $32 peak $46


  • 1 Dog $38 per day - peak $45
  • 2 dogs $54 per day - peak $68
  • 3 dogs $64 per day - peak $85
*Rates may change without notice.

Peak Season Dates


    • March 11th - 30th


    • June 1st - September 15th 


    • December 10th - January 10th

Closed Christmas Day


When it comes to looking after dogs and cats, it's best to plan ahead. Reservations help us with that. 

We want to accommodate as many of our customers as possible during peak times. We do not overbook to factor in last minute cancellations. When our reservation book is full, we turn away customers in need of care for their pets. That's why it pays to book as far ahead as possible. This is especially important if you have a dog that requires individual outdoor space or has other special needs.

We also ask that if you need to change a reservation, you call us as soon as possible; if it's a difference of a day or two we will always try to make it work.

If you need to cancel give us as much notice as you can. Should you cancel with less than 5 days notice, a $100 cancellation fee will be levied.

Customers making reservations for dates that include anything between December 15th to January 10th will be required to make a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold the reservation. We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

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